FAQ What to Expect / What to Bring

Day Trip to Saboga or Contadora.

What to Expect:

A three to four hour ½-day tour to explore Saboga or Contadora by Land or By Sea. The trips are planned around the arrival and departures of public ferries transporting guests between Panama City and The Pearl Islands.

What to Pack!

Tip: Pack as light as possible!  Do bring your passport for boarding your flight or ferry transportation!

Do bring:

  1. Sunscreen – waterproof or sweat resistant is best. (The UV index in Panama is 12).
  2. Insect repellent, suggested OFF! Deep Woods ® Insect Repellents.
  3. Hat
  4. A towel (small is fine).
  5. Comfortable walking shoes, e.g., sports scandals or tennis shoes (not only flip flops).
  6. Cash for any purchases, for example you can buy soda, beer, water in Saboga Village for $1. However the lunches can range from $5.00 to $20 depending upon the destination. Cotadora prices are more than on Saboga. Note: There are no ATM’s on Saboga or on Contadora.   Tip: Bring small change ($5 $10 $1).
  7. Water (you can buy it on the island)
  8. Depending on time of year, bring light-weight, portable rain gear (or umbrella or just use a trash bag)

Optional to Bring:

  1. Dry bag for carrying your cell phone, cameras, etc. Otherwise we suggest you pack anything that water could damage in plastic bags that can close tightly.
  2. If snorkeling, bring socks to wear under snorkel fins (always helps to prevent chaffing). A pair of old cotton socks works fine.
  3. Swim socks to protect feet from anything you might step on in the water.
  4. Swim skin for UV protection and to protect against anything in the water that may irritate your skin. A swim skin can also keep you warm while snorkeling for extended periods of time. Light-weight, long-sleeve shirts work just as well but without the level of UV protection.

Avoiding Confusion:

The ferry companies, Sea Las Perlas and Ferry Las Perlas, have such similar names that it can be confusing.  Make sure you know the name of the ferry company holding your reservation, and then CLICK HERE to find directions to the ferry dock where you check-in for your departure.

There is no dock at Contadora.  A water-taxi will deliver you to the beach so wear appropriate shoes or plan to take your shoes off as you step out of the taxi (boat) at surf’s edge.  Protect your phone and cameras (or anything you don’t want to possibly get wet) in some sort of plastic bag or dry bag.

Traveler Information:

This website will give you information regarding any necessary health risks or requirements for vaccinations:  http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/panama