All Inclusive Guided Surf & Turf – Onshore Explore & Shoreline Snorkel!

$150 p/p for ½ Day Surf & Turf Tour.  Three person minimum.  Each additional person $140


+ Round-trip ferry fare to/from Panama City to Contadora & water taxi to/from Contadora to Saboga 

+ Guided tour 

+ Snorkel gear provided

+ Snacks, beverages & snorkel instructor

A La Carte price $75 per person (3-person minimum).  Each additional person $50 p/p

+  ferry fare to/from Contadora is not included (water taxi to/from Contadora is included)

+ Snorkel gear provided

+ Snacks, beverages & snorkel instructor included

Hike + Snorkel Description and Difficulty Ratings:

This popular hike + snorkel trip combines an eco-tour hike of beaches where you can choose to spend time snorkeling at the best & safest beach destinations. The guide will match the destination to the snorkel expertise of the guests and safeguard guest belongings onshore while guests enjoy the water.

Tour difficulty rating : moderate to difficult – depending on the time spent hiking vs. beachcombing or snorkeling.  STC will need to know the shoe size of all snorkelers who will require snorkel equipment.  If children are snorkeling we will need to know their approx. weight for outfitting them with life jackets.

A la carte tour guests: Book our tour and realize a $20 savings on your ferry fare!  (How’s that for getting more value for your money?) 

Ecotourism in The Pearl Islands involves guided tours to visit fragile, pristine, and relatively undisturbed natural areas, intended as a low-impact and often small scale alternative to standard commercial (mass) tourism.

All-Inclusive Guided Island Trekking on Saboga!

$185/1st person, 2nd person $155 for ½ Day Hiking Eco-Tours. (Each additional person $135)


+ Round-trip ferry fare to/from Panama City

+ Guided tour 

A La Carte price $55 per person (2-person minimum)

+ Guided Tour

  + ferry fare is not included

At Saboga Tourism Center, we tailor the sightseeing destinations to meet the individual interests (archeology, island culture, photography, beachcombing). We empower the guide to make changes in the hike routes to match the physical comfort of guests.

Hike Descriptions and Difficulty Ratings:

1.     Long and short eco-hikes across jungle trails and beaches.

Trail difficulty rating: Moderate to Difficult – depending on the sun intensity, route grade and obstacles like loose rocks and crossing shallow ravines, rocky shorelines, etc.

The longest hikes are two miles on hilly terrain along the coastline and inland. People who choose long hikes should be in reasonably fit condition with no physical limitations like bad knees or respiratory illness.

2.    Short jungle trail hike to Old Town for Cultural Tour.

Trail rating difficulty level easy to moderate – depending on the sun intensity and duration of each leg of the walk.   Rest and lunch stops reduce moderate difficulty to easy.  The difficulty rating of hikes can be moderated with more or less rest stops for lunch, sightseeing, beachcombing or snorkeling if on the Surf & Turk island exploration tour.

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