Welcome to Day-Tours and Island-hopping Adventures in The Pearl Islands (Bienvenido a Day-Tours y Aventuras en las Islas de las Perlas)

Year-Round Family Friendly Adventure Tours (any day, any time):

    • Snorkeling
    • Spearfishing
    • Whale Watching (avistamiento de ballenas)
    • Bird Watching (observación de aves)
    • Sailing (barco de vela)
    • Kayaking
    • Reef-fishing (pesca en el arrecife)
    • Survivor Fan Tours / Survivor Fan Scavenger Hunts
    • Island Hopping / Sightseeing / Shelling Tours

A private excursion allows tourists to stop at various islands and beaches with flexible hours and activities. (Una excursión privada permite a los turistas detenerse en varias islas y playas con horas y actividades flexibles.)

The “Group Price” for the 3-hr. adventure tour by water taxi (panga) is $50 per person minimum of $250 (5 people), or upgrade to a sportfishing boat for a minimum of $280. (El “precio del grupo” por 3 horas es de $ 50 por persona mínimo de $ 250 (5 personas), o la actualización de un barco de pesca deportiva por un mínimo de $ 280.)

Coming Soon:

5-Hr. sailing lessons, day tours of Las Perlas  and ….

1 to 3-day overnight Sail’n’Stays

on luxury 37.5-ft Sailboat

The tour leaves from Las Perlas. We pick you up after your arrival by plane or ferry and return you to the ferry/plane in time for the trip back to the city.  Ferry/plane transportation is not included, but we can offer you a discounted rate for that transportation.

The Sailing “Group Prices”:

  • $125 p/p for 4-5hr. sailing instruction/adventure tour on a 37.5-ft sailing yacht – minimum 4 people.  Water and light lunch provided.
  • $155 p/p, per night Overnight Sail’n’Stays –  minimum 4 people.  Water provided.  Choose from a menu of catered meals ( approx. $10/meal) and beverages to pre-order.

All tours include (incluido):

+ Boat (panga, sportfishing boat or sailboat) and captain plus guide (mas guia)

+ Snorkeling and reef-fishing gear provided (equipo proporcionado)

+ Water, ice and ice chest (agua, hielo e iglú)

+ Snorkeling / Spearfishing/ Sailing guide/instructor* (guía / profesor*)

            *Instructor is in the water with you! (El instructor esta en el agua contigo)

*Speargun rental is optional! (Alquiler de speargun es opcional)

Whale Watching (avistamiento de ballenas) — End of June through mid-October

What to do when the whales aren’t here (Oct – June)?? How about just a fun day out exploring the reefs /  snorkeling/ fishing/ kayaking!!!  For all the latest GoPro videos and photos of people on our tours year round visit our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/contadoraadventures/

Sailing, paddleboarding, windsurfing Activities & Instruction are also available


We accommodate people arriving in Saboga or Contadora for Day Tours. We pick you up off the ferry and delivery you back to the ferry in time for your trip back to Panama City. (Estamos aqui para le damos la bienvenida cuando llegue en la Isla Contadora.)

Snorkeling/ Spearfishing Trip Descriptions and Difficulty Ratings:

By far the most popular ½-day tour is the island-hopping/water activity tour; a half-day spent boating between destinations where you stop for water activities, i.e., snorkeling, spearfishing, etc.   It’s a private tour, so we can visit several beaches to accommodate guests who wish to explore by land (time permitting). (Con mucho, el más popular excursión de ½ día es el / la actividad de agua recorrido viajando a la dos islas; Es un tour privado, por lo que podemos visitar varias playas para albergar a los clientes que desean explorar por tierra o mar.)

End of tour – Relax at day’s end to enjoy lunch at a local beach club. Basic snorkel gear is included.  Spear gun equipment is not included but rentals are available. (Se incluye equipo de snorkel or pesca. Spear fishing equipo no está incluido, pero es disponibles para alquiler).

What makes this tour so unique and memorable is that the guide is in the water leading each guest to enjoy new experiences that they might otherwise hesitate to try without someone with them; for example, spearfishing in relatively shallow water or drift snorkeling with the current around an island.

  1. If snorkeling, we will need to know the shoe size of all snorkelers who will require snorkel equipment.   If children are snorkeling we will need to know their approx. weight for outfitting them with life jackets.
  1. Tour difficulty rating: moderate to difficult – depending on the snorkeling/spearfishing expertise of the guest. We empower the guide to make changes in the snorkeling/spearfishing destinations to match the physical comfort & safety of guests.

After your fishing trip, you will have time to enjoy the amenities of a beach club or relax on the beach before boarding the ferry back to Panama City.

“If you want a special holiday in a place not overrun by other tourists give us a call,” – Ilene