Our First Guests

My husband Terry and I look forward to meeting and hosting our first guests, Adam Ledford, International Spearfisherman, Adventure Tour Guide Adam Ledford and a well-known Bocas charter fishing Captain named Handre.  ETA /14 for a few days stay and exploration of all there is to offer in our neck of the woods.

Ledford  writes:  “I will be bringing 3 guns setup to cover every possible dive condition.  These 3 cover me from shallow water small fish reef hunting up to 1000lb marlin in blue water and when I go to a new place on a spearfishing trip, I do not know the local area and oftentimes have no idea what I will be dropping into.

Captain Handre knows the pole fishing world and his pole fishing closet is bigger then many people’s bathrooms stocked with rods and reels and tackle etc etc by the case. He will be an invaluable above the water source of information while I work below the waves.

Now granted I have been to Perlas numerous times but I always dove around Contadora so since I do not know what adventures this trip holds I’m coming loaded for bear so to speak.”

Tell me this doesn’t sound exciting!

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  • Understand the Pearl Islands are remote so come prepared but also understand they are beautiful and amazing so don\\’t pass up a chance to visit them.

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